Our Drivers

Every driver from our company in Berlin has a lot of experience in driving busses with passengers on the roads of Europe, Germany and especially Berlin. They visited several different countries and gained knowledge about the local characteristics of the people and the traffic. Since many years our drivers drive in their private and professional life without an accident and they are known for their anticipatory and foresighted driving style.

To ensure that our drivers will deliver such a high quality in driving we invest in different educational courses: safety driving trainings, language courses and intercultural education


  • driving trainings:
  • Theoreticalperiods
  • Practicaldriving sessions
  • Handlecritical situations
  • Assurethe safety of the passengers


  • courses:
  • Focus on English
  • Drivers can choose another language if they want to
  • Native speakers as bus drivers

    Intercultural education:
  • Characteristics of different cultures
  • Adjusted behavior depending on our passengers
  • Drivers can give hints and tips to the passengers how to behave in Berlin.
Drivers - Coach Company Berlin